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Gerbil Physics Mission Statement

Only a few games can claim to have a mission statement.  Here goes ours:
"Remember how much fun it was to kick down a sandcastle when you were younger? Maybe you still enjoy doing that? Well, Gerbil Physics is that feeling made digital. In fact it's better because you get to use awesome destructive tools and it's all magically captured inside your mobile device!"

The Gerbils Soar Onto Android

They soar through the air with the greatest of ease!  Top-notch demolition mayhem now available on Android and Kindle, optimised for phones and tablets in gorgeous HD.  Gerbil Physics is truly the pet of champions, go get it!


You seem quite similar to a game about Upset Avians?

There will be inevitable comparisons that this is a rip-off of a well known game involving green pigs and annoyed avians.

Not wanting to sound all defensive, we'd like to point out that the original Gerbil Physics on the Xbox360 was submitted to the Xbox Marketplace in December 2009, several days before Angry Birds was launched on iOS.

Gerbil Physics is an originally conceived game, with it's own unique gameplay and is not a copy of anything else out there.