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Gerbil Physics Mission Statement

Only a few games can claim to have a mission statement.  Here goes ours:
"Remember how much fun it was to kick down a sandcastle when you were younger? Maybe you still enjoy doing that? Well, Gerbil Physics is that feeling made digital. In fact it's better because you get to use awesome destructive tools and it's all magically captured inside your mobile device!"

The Gerbils Soar Onto Android

They soar through the air with the greatest of ease!  Top-notch demolition mayhem now available on Android and Kindle, optimised for phones and tablets in gorgeous HD.  Gerbil Physics is truly the pet of champions, go get it!


What is Gerbil Physics?

Gerbil Physics is an awesome  physics-based puzzle game where the player must blow up buildings made of gerbils.  It offers quick, simple puzzles with lots of explosions, flaming gerbils whizzing through the air, all with amusing animations and a light and friendly art theme.  Gerbil Physics is all about "adorable destruction".  Our goal was to capture the visceral pleasure of smashing things up - think of a young kid smashing down a sandcastle.  It is extremely simple to play, the single game-play mechanic is blowing stuff up and it is suitable for all ages.

This game is currently a Windows phone exclusive ported from the highly rated and critically acclaimed Xbox 360 Indie game described by Kotaku as being "as adorable as it is enthralling" (  It has been wholly rewritten to suit the mobile platform, with a new upgraded physics engine, new art and animations and has three times the number of levels as the original release.