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Gerbil Physics for Windows Phone

After a mere 15 months of grinding toil, we're truly very pleased to announce that Gerbil Physics is now available on Windows Phone:

So what new cool features are you going to like?  Well, we've ended up pretty much rewriting the whole game from the ground up to suit the mobile platform.  We're also being published by Micrsosoft Game Studios so you can earn Xbox LIVE Achievements and show off to your friends on the Leaderboards.  That's quite neat.
We've upgraded the physics engine so now it plays much faster and tighter than before.  There is loads of new art, newly commissioned music and tons of all-new levels.  We've already squeezed in three times the number of levels compared with the original Xbox release, and four times the number of hand-painted animations.  We'll also be releasing some updates with even more new levels and some additional languages.


  • Adorable destruction!
  • Engaging, destructive, game-play featuring huge explosions and cute flying gerbils.
  • State-of-the-art physics engine ensures that gerbils respond to your explosives exactly as real gerbils might.
  • Gorgeous and charming art design.
  • Intuitive touch interface.
  • Cunning puzzles.
  • Xbox LIVE Achievements reward your clever insights.
  • Top the Leaderboards and dominate your friends.

...and credits go to...

  • All the publishing and test teams at Microsoft Game Studios.  Their wise feedback helped smooth the many rough edges.
  • All those involved with the Farseer Physics Engine.  A great and easy to use physics engine that performs very well on Windows Phone.
  • All those involved with the Mercury Particle Engine.  This engine we think has lots of potential, it takes a bit of tweaking though.
  • You for trying the game, and hopefully feeding back to us what you think on the forums.