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Gerbil Physics Mission Statement

Only a few games can claim to have a mission statement.  Here goes ours:
"Remember how much fun it was to kick down a sandcastle when you were younger? Maybe you still enjoy doing that? Well, Gerbil Physics is that feeling made digital. In fact it's better because you get to use awesome destructive tools and it's all magically captured inside your mobile device!"

The Gerbils Soar Onto Android

They soar through the air with the greatest of ease!  Top-notch demolition mayhem now available on Android and Kindle, optimised for phones and tablets in gorgeous HD.  Gerbil Physics is truly the pet of champions, go get it!


Gerbil Physics

Adorable Destruction! Critical Acclaim for the Gerbil Physics Series

"as adorable as it is enthralling" - Kotaku
"unbelievably fun and addicting" - IGN Boards
"great... buy it instead of whatever avatar related idiocy you were planning to buy" - Destructoid
"some of the best games on the service" - Metro
"dangerously, hypnotically addictive" - Den of Geek
"fantastic, I fell in love with it from the first play" - XboxHornet
"hooked all the way through" - xnPlay
The Gerbil Physics series is a collection of Windows Phone and Xbox Indie Games where you demolish buildings made of gerbils armed with a range of spectacular demolition tools.  The series consists of these games:

Gerbil Physics for Windows Phone

Our flagship Gerbil product released 14th March 2012.  This game embodies all the feedback we gained from the indie releases.

Gerbil Physics 1 for Xbox Live Indie Games

Classic Gerbil action released December 2009, the game that started it all.

Gerbil Physics 2 for Xbox Live Indie Games

Gerbil action evolved in June 2010 into our physics platformer genre.